How it Works

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Our @Work service is designed for companies who wish to provide our service to their employees. Many large companies offer this service as a part of their benefits of working for the company, thereby providing convenience, increasing employee productivity and saving valuable time.

We pickup and deliver personal dry cleaning and laundry items from a designated place at your company office on pre-arranged schedule every week, saving employees time and offering a convenient and quality service. operates on Monday & Friday evenings between 9am to 11am for your convenience.

Simply choose a 1-2 hour window and we will collect your order and return it 2 days later

Minimum order of €20 incl-VAT. 

How To Get Started

  1. Sign up Now and complete an online order form
  2. Select your preferred day and time for collection / delivery
  3. Place all garments and a copy of your receipt into a bag
  4. Your items will be picked up and returned to you on the designated day

How To Get Started @Work

Complete the enquiry form or call us on 0851614943 or email 
We will contact you to discuss how our service can work for you.